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BTEC fake diploma

BTEC fake diploma, fake BTEC transcript, Buy fake BTEC degree, buy fake BTEC diploma transcript online, The BTEC (Commercial and Technical Education Board) Level 3 Extended Diploma is a continuing education qualification and professional qualification in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This qualification is organized and awarded by Pearson under the BTEC brand, equivalent to A-Levels. It is considered equivalent to the GCE A level, more specifically the three A2 awards and AVCE. This qualification is for entering higher education. However, because it is primarily based on courses, universities such as Cambridge or Oxford may require a combination of more traditional qualifications, such as A. BTEC fake diploma, fake BTEC transcript, fake certificates, the best diploma and transcript for you, The BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma dates back to the 1930s as a full-time three-year program. After the Haselgrave report, the Business Education Council (BEC) and the Technician Education Council (TEC) took over the qualification (known as the “Ordinary National Diploma”) and other stables such as the National Certificate, the Higher National Certificate and the National Higher Education Diploma. When BEC and TEC merge to form BTEC, the course portfolio is integrated.