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How to buy fake diploma and transcript from the Memorial University of Newfoundland? the website can help you to find diploma and transcript what you want. The department of Housing, Food and Conference Services provides on-campus housing at the St. John’s campus in three residential complexes; Paton College, Macpherson College, and Burton’s Pond. The Paton College dormitories offer traditional dormitory-style accommodations for approximately 1000 students in nine residences, called “Houses”, and named after prominent Newfoundland and Labrador or Memorial University people; Including Barnes, Blackall, Bowater, Burke, Curtis, Doyle, Hatcher, Rothermere, and Squires. Macpherson College consists of two “halls”, Shiwak Hall and Cluett Hall, which house 250 students each, and was officially opened in 2013. The four “courts” of Burton’s Pond apartments accommodate a total of 500 single students in four bedroom apartments and provide a more independent lifestyle on campus. Small family apartments are available for students with a family, in Baltimore Court.