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UUM fake diploma, cheap fake degrees, buy fake certificate and transcript from UUM, customized degree. At the University of Northern Malaysia (UUM; English: University of Northern Malaysia), the University of Northern Malaysia was established in 1984 and was established on February 16, 1984. The university was corporatized on April 23, 1998. It is in Sintok, Kedah. It is called the Management University. UUM ranked 701th in the 2015/16 QS World University Rankings. The construction plan began in August 1983, when the Ministry of Education began planning the university. Fake diploma, fake transcript, fake Malaysia degree, buy fake certificates. On October 19, 1983, the cabinet approved the Kedah project. At that time, the project was called the “Sixth University Project”. A few months later, the Sixth University Temporary Office was officially named Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), which was officially opened on February 15, 1984 in Jitra. In January 2008, the university academic system was reorganized. Thirteen colleges merged and flowed into three main colleges: UUM COB (UUM Business School), UUM CAS (UUM Academy of Arts and Sciences) and UUM COLGIS (UUM COLUS Law, School of Government and International Studies).